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DQM Training

Data Management Training

DQM Training is the custom-built training platform built by DQ rule books specifically to deliver data management training to users of all abilities. The training covers the key pillars needed for an in-depth understanding of data management such as data governance, data understanding, data quality assessment & control, data improvement & maintenance and data architecture & IT.

All pillars are split into modules which have clearly distinguishable learning objectives, so users know exactly what they can expect to learn while working through the training. Each module has several learning activities attached to it to aid users learning such as a presentation, related videos, true/false questions, multiple choice questions and interactive exercises.  

DQM Training also has several features to help the learning experience of users such as a metrics system where users can monitor their progress to mastery of the courses available. The community features mean users can interact with other users to help gain valuable knowledge from each other and ask questions and receive feedback while progressing through the platform.

Scroll down below to see examples of the learning activities available on the DQM Training platform.



DQM Training deliver content in easily digestable presentations.

Click the image to learn more and view a sample presentation.

Data Management Training - Presentations
Data Management Training - Videos


DQM Training has 250+ videos to enhance your learning.

Click the image to learn more and view a sample video.

Introductory Questions


DQM Training ensure that you the user are understanding the content with some easier questions.

Click the image to learn more and attempt some introductory questions.

Data Management Training - Introductory Questions
Data Management Training - Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice

DQM Training has 3000+ multiple choice questiosn to check your learning.

Click the image to learn more and attempt some multiple choice questions.

Interactive Exercise


DQM Training has 500+ Interactive questions to check your learning with more practical questions.

Click the image to learn more and attempt some interactive questions.

Data Management Training - Interactive Exercises
Data Management Training - Screenshot Training

Screenshot Training 

Screenshot Training can be used to let users get used to the layout of applications without necessarily having access to the application.

 Click the image to learn more and attempt a Screenshot training exercise.

Data Management Training - Certification


DQM Training provides users who have completed a course, a certification of completion.

DQM Training also provides users who have taken and passed a certification exam, a certification of exam completion.