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Architector is a cloud-based or server-based tool to manage everything to do with the complex area of data lineage.  Data lineage can be defined as the journey data takes from where it is created through to where it is used in reports, models, decisions, etc. It is vital for organisations to understand the lineage of data, otherwise they cannot properly understand the data they use, and therefore cannot really rely on results based on data. Data lineage contributes to the definition and understanding of data qualitydata ownership and governance, and to the operational questions of deciding what data to use in what circumstances.

Architector is designed to make data lineage easy to develop, leveraging existing data assets, and allowing data teams to collaborate to fill the gaps in lineage metadata to produce a full, dynamic, and interactive picture of the end-to-end lineage of your data. Well-managed lineage information thereby becomes accessible and usable to business and technical people in your organisation.

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