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Back Book Remediation

The Back Book Remediation module discusses the remediation of existing data issues after implementing strategic remediation. The value of data is also looked at when deciding whether to fix data already in an organisation’s systems.

The module details the 6 common steps to back book remediation along with giving examples of how they are carried out.

Back Book Remediation

Learning Objectives:

Learn when data is not fit for purpose.

Learn what back book remediation is.

Learn the six steps to back book remediation.

Who is Suitable?

Knowledge of Root Cause Analysis would be advantageous.

As this is a data improvement and maintenance module the content is especially useful for data analysts and business analysts but would also be a useful for a wide spectrum of data roles; including but not exclusive to data owners, data stewards, data modellers, data architects and data lineage analysts.


  • What is meant by data that is not fit for purpose?
  • How can incorrectly sourced data lead to data not being fit for purpose?
  • What constraints on the functionality of a system can lead to poor data quality?
  • Could you talk us through the steps of back book remediation?
  • Why does data need maintaining, to keep quality levels high?
  • What is a back book?


An Interactive Presentation

6 Videos

60+ Questions

10+ Interactive Questions

3 Final Practice Tests – 30 questions over 30 minutes

Final Examination – 60 questions over 30 minutes


 4 hours of learning materials to complete.

Valid for 24 months

Only £100.00 + VAT