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Bespoke Training Solutions

DQ Rule Books online course development solutions will help you convert your existing materials into interactive and engaging online courses.

DQ Rule Books custom course development services can support anyone with training development needs. Our involvement in several industries provides a widespread range of courses, videos, exercises and expertise on a great variation of topics, from which we draw from to help you build a customised, interactive but still affordable course that you need.

DQ Rule Books training platform allows for your courses to include a wide variety of training techniques such as;

The training platform has the ability to allow your users to gain certification once they have completed the course. The capability to monitor the users progress to course completion along with functionality for users to ask questions is present on the platform.


  • You don’t need technical or design knowledge to create an online course.
  • Let the DQ Rule Books training platform do the development work, so you can focus on creating course content.
  • Allow your users to easily sign up to your courses, view learning objectives, previews and purchase your courses.
  • Provide your users a consistent and appealing learning experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, which allows users to learn on any device.
  • Allow your users to get certification to prove they have taken your course.


So why not get in contact with DQ Rule Books to find out how you can benefit from making your course available on the training platform.