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Business Analysis

The module explains what Business Analysis is, breaking it down into two areas; investigation-based activities and requirement-based activities. The role of a business analyst, their skills and the documentation they produce is also explored.

The module also gives examples of typical business analysis interview questions which would be asked by a business analyst. 

Business Analysis

Learning Objectives:

Learn what business analysis is.

Learn who undertakes business analysis.

Understand what a Terms of Reference (ToR) is used for.

Understand the role of a business analyst.

Understand the requirements-based activities needed for business analysis.

Understand the investigation-based activities needed for business analysis.

Learn what is typically produced by business analysis.

Who is Suitable?

No prior knowledge is required so all Data Practitioners can undertake the course.

As this is a data improvement and maintenance module the content is especially useful for data analysts and business analysts but would also be a useful for a wide spectrum of data roles; including but not exclusive to data owners, data stewards, data modellers, data architects and data lineage analysts.


  • What is a walkthrough?
  • What is current state analysis?
  • What is future state analysis?
  • What questions would a business analyist ask subject matter experts?
  • What is a workshop?
  • What are project delivery teams?
  • What is a straw-man?
  • Why is business analysis broken into the areas of current state and future state analysis?
  • Why might business analysis be required, and what would it aim to achieve?
  • In business analysis investigation, who are interviews conducted with and why are they important?
  • When investigating a process of a business who would be considered a stakeholder?


An Interactive Presentation

11 Videos

60+ Questions

10+ Interactive Questions

3 Final Practice Tests – 30 questions over 30 minutes

Final Examination – 60 questions over 30 minutes


 4 hours of learning materials to complete.

Valid for 24 months

Only £100.00 + VAT