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Certified Data Management Training (CDMT) Certification

Why Get Certified in Data Management?

Certification is a vital tool for job seekers and for employers seeking to hire qualified people. The Data Management Industry has no single administrative body that oversees professional training in data management.

Therefore, DQ Rule Books are working with some of the leading UK Universities, Banks and the Management Consulting Industry to establish an independent body that can administer professional training on behalf of the Data Management Industry.

We are committed to making our content available to such a body and subscribing to their code of practice and ethics as soon as that can be established. Until that is established we believe we offer the most robust and comprehensive training and certification program in the world.


Certified Data Management Training (CDMT)

The Certified Data Management Training (CDMT) Programmes were created by Wayne Wiggins and the team of DQ Rule Books Graduate Trainees that successfully went on to work across many of the UK’s leading Financial Services Organisations including: Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Deutsche Bank, SSE, ICAP and many more.

The Certified Data Management Training Programme (CDMT) and the associated role-based training programmes provide the most effective and efficient training route into the Data Management Industry.

A key feature of our training is the comprehensive testing functionality which tests and tracks:

  • The training presentations and videos consumed.
  • The true and false questions attempted, passed, failed and hints taken.
  • The multiple-choice levels 1 and 2 attempted, passed, failed and hints taken.
  • The interactive exercises, which test deep understanding and application of the subject matter, attempted, passed, failed and hints taken.
  • Practice exams drawn from across all tests.
  • Timed exams drawn from all tests.


CDMT Advisory Council

The CDMT Advisory Council includes distinguished industry experts, representatives of large organisations, industry analysts, software owners and developers and academicians.

It was formed to assist the CDMT Board by ensuring the training content was fit for purpose, and particularly to ensure it was relevant and capable of delivering the work place skills needed to address the major shortfall of suitably qualified data management staff.

To that point the training is delivered in a style similar to that used in major organisations to deliver mandatory learning to staff in Privacy and confidentiality, Data Protection, Anti Bribery and Corruption, Health and Safety and Anti Money Laundering.

The council were selected for their wealth of data management experience and their experience hiring and managing staff around the world on complex data management programmes, developing data management software and running high performing data management teams.