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Customer Testimonials

"Lucrative and Progressive Career Path"

After finishing University with a degree in Economics, I enrolled with DQ Rule Books’ training program, I have worked with 2 world leading banking and investments firms, as well as one the big six domestic energy suppliers.

I have performed many different roles, from full scale data migrations, logical access reviews to defect triage and remediation’s. I have also worked extensively with world leading data management programmes and software. I found the training that was provided from DQ Rule Books to be both factual and relevant, covering the whole data management spectrum.

The training has afforded me a lucrative and progressive career path and I would recommend not only a career in data management but also the DQ Rule Books training as the gateway in which to achieve it. The training is proven to place candidates with prestigious blue-chip clients and leads to well-developed all round technical and business knowledge to support it.

James – Data Quality Analyst – Employed in the Insurance Industry

"Enabled Me To Get Work"

After completing my GCSEs I did not continue to do A-Levels and University, instead I went through DQ Rule Books training scheme and can highly recommend to anyone who may be interested in a career within data management, business analysis or finance.

During my time I learnt skills than enabled me to get work within 3 of the world’s largest financial institutions gaining valuable experience in each. I’ve had varied roles from working on Group Wide data quality initiatives, large financial migration projects to World Wide Regulatory Programs.

Abi – Business Analyst – Employed in the Financial Services Industry

"Alternative To Continue In The Traditional Education Route"

I enrolled in DQ Rule Books training platform after completing GCSEs. From the training that DQ Rule Books provided I have been able to move into a new role as a data and reporting analyst for a leading solicitor.

For me as someone who didn’t want to continue in the traditional education route, progressing onto A-levels and then University, it was a great move. I was able to start earning straight after leaving education and it has given me access to a career that I would have probably struggled to break into even if I had followed the traditional University path.

I would certainly recommend DQ Rule Books’ training as it has enabled me to progress in an industry that is lucrative and engaging and still now helps me as I learn new skills that without the solid foundation in data management their training provided me would be impossible to grasp.

Ieuan – Data Quality Analyst – Employed in a Solicitors Firm

"Learn Practical Skills"

I enrolled in DQ Rule Books training platform after finishing university with a degree in Accounting and Finance. I was always interested in data and wanted to get skills with using data management tools.

DQ Rule Books training allowed me to get the practical skills using data quality tools which i was looking for. The knowledge I learned around data management allowed me to stand out from others and helped me to get work with clients.

I encourage anyone who is looking to add extra practical skills to their CVs that employers are actively looking for, to have a look at DQ Rule Book’s training courses.

Fahad – Data Management Consultant – Employed in the Data Management Consultancy 


"First Steps Towards a Career in Data Management"

After Graduating from Swansea University with a BSc Marine Biology, my enjoyment of data manipulation and analysis motivated me to pursue a career in data management.

Thanks to DQ Rule Books’ extensive training programme i was able to take my first steps towards a career in data management, which allowed me to follow this career path without any direct experience in the field.

Dane – Data Analyst – Employed in the Car Manufacturing Industry