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Data Bureau Service

There are many reasons why implementing a data management solution on site may not be the best solution. There may not be enough physical space to accommodate extra workers, there may be a security risk or there may not be the appetite to buy and implement the infrastructure necessary for the solution. To address these problems, we can provide the vast majority of our services remotely through our Data Bureau Service.

Our Data Bureau Service can be used for solutions regarding Solvency II, Basel II, Capital Optimisation and Management, Data Audit, pre- and post-ETL, Data Migrations, Anti Money Laundering and many more. DQ Rule Books can work with the client to develop a solution for any data problems that exist.

First the data that is to be worked on needs to be sent to us through the secure file transfer link we provide. Once it’s with us we can run the data through any of our solutions/services using our bespoke state of the art product DQRB Analyser and is up to 80% faster than other leading software products. One of the largest up-front costs of data management is the time and money taken to select and buy software, and put it in place. Using our bureau service you get access to industry leading software and some of the highest level users of the tool in the world, for a cost comparable to off shoring the same task. The data bureau service can consist of annual contracts or can be tailor-made to your requirements in a pre-paid service package, providing real value for money.

All of the services offered within the Data Bureau Service are fully flexible and customisable to ensure the client’s needs are met, in order to unlock the business potential of your data.

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If you would like more information regarding any of the data bureau services and how they could be used within your organisation and data please contact us. If the data bureau service is not suitable for your needs, check out our On-Site and Remote Consultancy.