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Data Lineage


You’re looking at your final report and you notice that something is wrong, you enquire as to why it is wrong and the answer comes back, ‘It just came to us like that’. This can cause you problems when it comes to complying with regulations. It is very important that you can trace your data back to its source. If a data audit is done and uncovers errors then you must be able to trace the data from its origin and provide information on how the problem occurred. Your output represents a ‘map’ of where the data is, and where it has come from. This is useful in many situations, such as trying to locate the origin of bad data, or trying to change the way data flows throughout your organisation. To try and run your business without a clear understanding of the path your data takes is like trying to navigate a forest without a map, you may be able to do it but you will waste large amounts of time and resources in the process.

The Benefits

Data lineage can help your company:

  • Trace your data back to its origin
  • Comply with regulations
  • Locate the origin of bad data
  • Change the way data flows throughout your organisation
  • Facilitates forensic analysis and data audits

Below is an example of a Data Lineage Report.

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