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Data Management Training – Full Course

This is the full course on data management training offered by DQ Rule Books, which is aimed at providing users with a thorough understanding around data management.

The course begins with a foundation pillar which gives an introduction to what data management is and why it is important. It then goes on to detail what the 5 key areas of data management are and why they are important.

The course then goes on to specifically detail each key area of data management in the following pillars; Data Governance, Data Understanding, Data Quality Assessment & Control, Data Improvement & Maintenance and Data Architecture & IT.

All pillars are split into modules which have clearly distinguishable learning objectives, so users know exactly what they can expect to learn while working through the training. Each module has several learning activities attached to it to aid users learning such as a presentation, related videos, true/false questions, multiple choice questions and interactive exercises.


62 Modules – Including 96 Practice Tests

286 Videos

3500+ Questions

600+ Interactive Questions

750+ Learning Activities

18 Checkpoint Exercises

5 Final Practice Tests

Final Examination


Over 200 hours of learning materials to complete

Valid for 24 months.

Only £3600.00 inc VAT