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Data Matching


To conform to sanctions and PEP screenings – If you are managing the funds of a PEP then there needs to be more rigorous checking of funds moving through accounts. Failure to do this can result in massive fines. It is also illegal to have financial dealings with anyone on a sanctions list. Takeovers – When new data has been acquired. If you are considering whether to buy out another company then you can send us your data within the due diligence period and we can perform matching on it, enabling you to make a much more informed calculation of the prospective gains of taking over the company. To keep your data at a high standard – When transaction data is added to master data customer matching can be performed to help ensure there is not a build-up of duplicates.

The Benefits

Customer matching could help your company:

  • Save huge potential fines
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve your master data
  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Comply with regulations

Below is an example of a Data Matching Report.

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