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Data Migration

Extraction, transformation and loading are key concepts within a data migration but are not the only steps, there are many more to consider. DQ Rule Books can remotely migrate your data. DQ Rule Books can assist at any stage of the data migration process. From the initial data profiling to the complex financial reconciliation at the end of the migration, we are able to provide dedicated resources and technologies to ensure the migration goes smoothly.   The current state of the data must be evaluated, this will initially involve data profiling to locate and give an initial insight into the health of the data, in the absence of ERD or other data documentation it may be necessary to discover relationships, dependencies, primary keys and the data lineage within the organisations current state. If the legacy data systems are in poor health a data audit may be required here. Once the data has been located and identified, then the pre-transformation stage can begin, an in depth assessment of the data is required with an eye on the future state requirements, this should include data verification and the introduction of generic and future system constraint data quality rules. With the quality of the data now measured it is time to transform and standardise the data (as well as mapping), as well as more complicated procedures like de-duplication, matching (including fuzzy logic) and the identification of golden records to enhance data quality. The post transformation stage will validate the transformation work that has been undertaken, the running of the data verification and the data quality rules should now reveal the data to be 100% across dimension, to ensure that all data is fit for the new target system. When the data is present in the new system DQ Rule Books can provide metadata collection, the population of business glossaries and full reconciliation and audit services.
Below is illustration of the different stages of a data migration.

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