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Data Relationship Discovery


In many organisations, the size and complexity of the data is so large that it is difficult to recognise where critical business information may be located. With thousands of database tables and hundreds of thousands of database columns in an average sized enterprise, it can be virtually impossible for human analysts to look at the data on this scale to satisfy business needs.

DQRB Analyser will complete these tasks quickly and efficiently. Allowing you get on with managing your business.

The ability of your business to locate and effectively use all the data you currently store in disjointed files/systems/databases, will improve both developmental and regulatory requirements on an enterprise level.

The Benefits

  • Better Data Relationship Discovery will help you to improve the following:
  • Master Data Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Increase Revenue & Reduce Risk
  • Decrease Expenses
  • Optimise Customer Services
  • Locate Specific data
  • Source & join data to meet new reporting requirements
Below is an example of a Data Relationship Discovery Report.

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