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Data Standardisation & Transformation


Transforming data into a standard format, is, in its own right a degree of cleansing data. However, transformation to standardise data really facilitates cleansing data by enabling other activities to take place, such as de-duplication and joining with other data sets to enrich/replace data of poor quality.

Standardising your data is one way to improve your data quality.

Because it will help you to assimilate and present your detailed information in the clearest and most consistent format, both internally and externally (to your customers)

Different Standardisation options include;

  • Case – upper, lower & proper
  • Domain Standardisation
  • Space Removal
  • Replacement of Characters
  • Removal of Characters
  • Formats

If half of your data is in upper case and the other half is in lower case there is no uniform standard to it.

By standardising your data you clean it up. Cleansing your data allows DQ Rule Books to perform more accurate matching and de-duplication processes.

We can help you standardise and cleanse your data.

The Benefits

  • It is easier for other computer systems to use the data.
  • Better matching routines
  • Consistency in presentation of data – both internally and externally, to customers
  • Transforming multiple value sets to a common value set e.g. ISO 3 & 2 character codes to a common code; or transforming codes to descriptions
Below is an example of a Data Standardisation and Transformation report.

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