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Data Verification


Verification of your data is one way to check that your data is of good quality, and fit for purpose.

Verification will help you to ensure that your data is as close to accurate as is possible, without checking actual physical documentation, which may be archived and would therefore be incredibly costly and time consuming to achieve manually.

Different Verification options include;

Comparison of an internal data set to an external data set

Comparison of an internal data set to multiple external data sets

Comparison of an internal to an internal data set

Comparison of internal data set to multiple internal data sets

These are based on a single key to join the data sets.

We can also Verify any combination of the above with a composite key, created from multiple fields.

The Benefits

Data verification provides an extremely quick and cost effective way to get a high degree of assurance that your data is accurate and fit for purpose by checking whether or not your data is consistent with alternative, trusted data sources.

This process will save you considerable time and money compared to manual data testing.

Below is an example of a Data Verification Report.

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