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Datactics specialise in data quality and matching software and are ideally positioned to meet the specific data requirements of firms operating in the financial sector as they prepare for current and emerging regulations, including MiFID II, BCBS 239, GDPR, FATCA etc.

Datactics provide sophisticated tools to help financial institutions get their data in order and quickly respond to new standards, offering agile data quality and powerful matching capabilities for a vast array of data types including person, reference, entity and instrument data.

The Products

Datactics FlowDesigner facilitates rapid configuration and management of data quality solutions covering a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, medical, and manufacturing. FlowDesigner’s powerful data processing engines, which can process tens of millions of records in memory, can be configured with ease to profile, cleanse and match data and are compatible with multiple data formats.

In conjunction with the Datactics Data Quality Manager (DQM) the suite supports the integration of data quality solutions with firms’ existing master data management and data governance systems.

The training is made up of the same fundamental elements as the rest of the DQM Training; this includes Presentations, Videos, and Introductory Questions, which are Operational functioniality questiosn. The Datactics training also has some key features:
The user is guided through the functionality of the Datactics applications, the user is instructed

Remote Access to FlowDesigner

The user will be given access to FlowDesigner to get a hands on feel for the product and will undertake specified tasks in order to finish the training and become a certified Datactics user.

Downloadable Data Sets

The traing comes with downloadable datasets, these datasets have been specifically designed for use in each othe tasks that underpin the application training.


Gain a certification from Datactics to demonstrate that you are a capable and competent user of the datactics products. The certification can be downloaded and a personal link is provided that enables you to show your certification on CV and Social Media websites.

Undertake the training in the FlowDesigner product.
Undertake the training in the FlowDesigner and DQM products.