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Designing Great Data Quality Rules

How to identify and design great data quality rules with the DQ Rule Books 30 questions of your data methodology.

This course will give you the advanced tools and techniques to identify all the data quality rules you should be applying to your data, the audit log and requirements traceability to satisfy audit and validation teams that investigate or assure your data quality controls.

This course is invaluable for:

Anyone managing the development of data quality rules.

Analysts working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to collect data quality rule requirements.

Audit and validation teams wishing to understand best practice in identifying and developing data quality rules.

Business as usual teams wishing to enhance their data quality rules and controls.

Consultants and contractors wishing to gain advanced knowledge in data quality rule design and identification.

Course Structure:


Introduction and learning objectives.

10 Mins

Data profiling vs data quality measurement.

5 Mins

When to use data profiling.

5 Mins

When to use data quality rules.

5 Mins

What makes a good data quality rule?

5 Mins

Introducing the DQ Rule Books methodology.

5 Mins

The 30 questions to ask your data.

120 Mins (Soft copy – handout)

The traceability matrix.

20 Mins (Soft copy – handout)

Wrap up and Q&As.

5 Mins

Optional free online certification test.

30 Mins

This course is delivered online via webinar and through the DQ Rule books E-Learning training platform.

There is an optional free certification test that certifies you have learnt how to apply the DQ Rule Books 30 questions of your data methodology and can apply it successfully to common critical data elements.

Each student will get an electronic copy of the methodology and the traceability matrix. Each document contains worked examples of 3 critical data elements to act as a reminder when applying the methodology back in the work place.


Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 11th July 18:00

Friday 13th  July 15:00

 Sunday 15th July 08:00

 More dates to be added.

Instructor Details:

For the last seven years I have been building DQ Rule Books from a boutique consultancy that trains graduates to become data management consultants.  At the heart of the business is the most comprehensive data management training platform that prepares graduates for the work place. The training platform leveraged the DQ Rule Books methodology for identifying and developing comprehensive suites of data quality rules to measure data quality and quantify the data quality issues present in data.

The name DQ Rule Books came from our original plans to create a shared Industry wide book of data quality rules for each Critical Data Element identified by the Financial Services Industry.

With the growing ambitions to leverage data as an asset, heavy investment in big data and data science and the increased regulatory drive for better data management especially BCBS239, Solvency II and Anacredit, the need for comprehensive data quality rules for CDEs is greater now than ever before.

Therefore as well as releasing our entire data management training course and role based training courses I am pleased to announce that I will be running the DQ Rule Books Virtual Course:

Having spent the last six years helping banks prepare for and comply with BCBS 239 I now have the time to present this course which will provide the expertise to develop the definitive suite of data quality rules for your business CDEs. The methodology is based upon the 30 questions you need to ask of each CDE in order to get the optimum set of data quality rules to measure your firm’s data quality.

The price for this course is £300 + VAT if applicable.

Discounts for second and third attendees from the same organisation are available.

Please contact for further information.