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Demand For Data Management Consultants


Data has become a valuable resource for businesses, and businesses have begun to realise that the data they hold needs to be managed effectively.


As data management is a relatively new area and coupled with ever increasing regulations, it has meant there is an increasing demand for data management consultants.



It has become a fast-growing market with lots of job opportunities. The specific skill set required means high remuneration packages are available for individuals looking for a job in the area.


Industry recognises this, in the Financial Services sector Data Management related jobs are possibly the most advertised roles and the rates of pay are comparable with those of Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers. Currently the entire data management profession is lacking a credible body to provide governance and manage standards for the design and delivery of education and continuous professional development to meet the industry needs.
As shown in the graph, since 2005, the percentage of vacancies for data managament availabe out of all IT sector based roles is significantly increasing for both permanent and contracting roles.


While the relative percentage may be low, it is for jobs advertised as data management roles, and does not take into account the many various data management roles, that have different titles such as data quality analyst, data governance analyst, data migration analyst etc

As shown in the graph, since 2005, the median salary for a Data Management Practitioner has steadily increased from just below £40,000 per annum to just below £56,000 per annum.


Also, with average day rates in the UK for data management jobs being £450, it is a great time to get a job in the field.



The training has been successfully provided to over 20 students that have gone on to secure roles in Industry with salaries ranging from £60,000 to £100,000+. 

DQM Training

DQM Training is the custom-built training platform built by DQ Rule Books specifically to deliver data management training to users of all abilities. The training covers the key pillars needed for an in-depth understanding of data management.



  • 70+ courses – With over 70+ data management course for you to choose from, you can choose a course that targets specific areas you think are most relevant for you.
  • Monitoring your metrics – The DQM Training platform allows users to monitor their progress to allow for the assessing of areas which you think you are struggling in or excelling.
  • Community – The community features mean users can interact with other users to help gain valuable knowledge from each other and ask questions and receive feedback while progressing through the platform.
  • Certification – DQM Training provides users who have completed a course, a certification of completion. Allowing you to gain skills and assist with your future development.

Today is the perfect opportunity for you to gain the skills you need to get a new role in data management. Click below find out more about our training and courses suitable for you.  

If you are an individual and would like more information please get in contact using the from below, our online learning structure including free examples and our course catalogue are also linked below.