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Lean Methodology

The Lean Methodology module investigates how businesses remove or reduce waste to increase profits, minimise costs and streamline processes. The module takes an in-depth look at two schools of thought for waste reduction; Muda and Six Sigma.

The module helps relate how lean can be used to reduce waste in terms of data management such as reducing data entry errors etc.

Lean Methodology

Learning Objectives:

Learn what lean methodology is.

Learn what the wastes identified in Muda.

Learn what the wastes identified in six sigma.

Learn the lean six sigma hierarchy.

Understand the wastes specific to data management.

Understand the benefits of lean methodology.

Who is Suitable?

No prior knowledge is required so all Data Practitioners can undertake the course.

As this is a data improvement and maintenance module the content is especially useful for data analysts and business analysts but would also be a useful for a wide spectrum of data roles; including but not exclusive to data owners, data stewards, data modellers, data architects and data lineage analysts.


  • Using lean in regard to data what would be an example of waste?
  • How does six sigma relate to lean?


An Interactive Presentation

2 Videos

60+ Questions

10+ Interactive Questions

3 Final Practice Tests – 30 questions over 30 minutes

Final Examination – 60 questions over 30 minutes


 4 hours of learning materials to complete.

Valid for 24 months

Only £100.00