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Metadata Collection


Metadata is data about data, so effectively collecting metadata will help you compile all the information about your data elements, such as their definitions, descriptions and characteristics.

Common metadata which will be collected will be details around length, format and structure etc. Metadata collection also allows users to find out if the data is static or changing and if it is derived or non-derived.

Having your metadata collected and stored effectively allows the businesses to easily find information on the systems that use the data, the lineage of the data and the golden sources of the data.

Data ownership can be easily identified along with information around data quality rules applied to the data.

In conclusion storing metadata on anything that the business deems valuable can be efficiently stored and accessed by many users when needed.

The Benefits

Metadata collection allows for the managing of custom metadata fields that the business holds allowing for;

  • Reduction of costs of maintaining the data.
  • Reduction of costs of implementing new projects.
  • Exploiting the potential of the data such as better analytics, modelling and big data opportunities.
  • Making better decisions, treat customers more fairly and conduct operations more efficiently.

Below is an example of a Metadata Collection Report showing metadata for two columns of a data set.

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