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Organisational Data Management Solutions

The Importance of Data Management


Data Management is one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations globally. Whether that be;

  • The ever-increasing regulatory demands including data privacy and security.
  • The growth of the digital world and the need to recognise data as an asset and extract commercial value to compete against competitors
  • To provide better customer experiences leading to higher customer retention or more appropriate customer attraction.
  • Increased protection through cyber security.
  • To reduce expenses through better customer insight leading to better design of products, enhanced opportunities for cross selling and up selling.

Organisations have started to realise the importance of managing the huge amounts of data they hold and the benefits that can arise from doing so. Benefits such as increasing performance by exploiting opportunities in Big Data to increasing efficiency and reducing costs by fixing poor quality data.


Also, it now all too common to hear about many organisations having to pay large fines for actions such as suffering data breaches or not following the correct regulations around areas such as data privacy etc.

These are usually a result of poor practises in place around data management.

Throw Money at The Problem

The usual response from many organisations to these data management issues has been to spend vast amounts of money on technology, in the hope that these issues will simply disappear.

But time and time again these organisations are shocked to see the same data issues reappearing in their new systems, that were present in their old systems.

These issues are not due to the specific products and systems the organisation is using, but however due to the people who are using them.

Effective Action

Therefore, it is imperative for organisations to have effective data management training available for their workforce.

Without a culture of effective data management practices embedded within the organisation, they will continue to be plagued by data issues for the foreseeable future.


Management are usually reluctant to invest in the data management training required due to concerns around the costs and the time needed to develop effective training.

Alternative options such as hiring training consultants into the organisations are also viewed with the same uncertainties around time and cost.

We have found that management are increasingly looking for easy and cost-effective ways of training their staff around data management.

DQM Training

DQM Training is the custom-built training platform built by DQ rule books specifically to deliver data management training to users of all abilities. The training covers the key pillars needed for an in-depth understanding of data management such as data governance, data understanding, data quality assessment & control, data improvement & maintenance and data architecture & IT.

All pillars are split into modules which have clearly distinguishable learning objectives, so users know exactly what they can expect to learn while working through the training. Each module has several learning activities attached to it to aid users learning such as a presentation, related videos, true/false questions, multiple choice questions and interactive exercises.

DQM Training also has several features to help the learning experience of users such as a metrics system where users can monitor their progress to mastery of the courses available. The community features mean users can interact with other users to help gain valuable knowledge from each other and ask questions and receive feedback while progressing through the platform.

Features for Your Organisation

White Label

DQ Rule Books developers can work with your organisation to re-brand DQM Training with custom features to make the platform unique to your organisation.

You can be given your own domain and use your our own logos throughout the training if preferred or needed for more internal training programs.

Custom Course Creation

With over 60 data management modules for you to choose from, you can create a course that targets specific areas you think are most relevant for your employees.

Monitoring of User Metrics

The DQM Training platform allows management within organisations to monitor the progress of their users, and to set bespoke programs and standards that they wish to achieve within their organisation.

Leader boards can be viewed along with detailed analysis of individual user progress to allow for the assessing of areas which they are struggling in or excelling.


The community features mean users can interact with other users to help gain valuable knowledge from each other and ask questions and receive feedback while progressing through the platform.


DQM Training provides users who have completed a course, a certification of completion.

Help enable your employees to gain great skills and assist with their future development with CDMT Certification.

Discounted Courses

Significant discounts are available on group and enterprise purchases.

Get in contact, to arrange a demo and find out about our great offers for organisations.

Why Wait

The amount of data being created by organisations does not look like it will be being reduced any time soon, so why are organisations reluctant to invest comparatively very little on data management training compared to what they are already spending on new products and systems in the false hope of a quick fix to their data issues?

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Still Not Looking for Data Management Training?

There are many reasons why implementing a data management solution on site may not be the best solution. There may not be enough physical space to accommodate extra workers, there may be a security risk or there may not be the appetite to buy and implement the infrastructure necessary for the solution. To address these problems, we can provide the vast majority of our services remotely through our Data Bureau Service.

Our Data Bureau Service can be used for solutions regarding Solvency II, Basel II, Capital Optimisation and Management, Data Audit, pre- and post-ETL, Data Migrations, Anti Money Laundering and many more. DQ Rule Books can work with the client to develop a solution for any data problems that exist.

Find out more information about our Data Bureau Service at