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Prioritising Business Processes

The module explains why prioritising business processes is important to organisations and how business processes should be prioritised.

Common ways which in business processes are sometimes prioritised but should be avoided are described.

The most advantageous approach known as the hierarchical approach is described which prioritises business processes based on the over-arching objectives and goals that they support.

prioritising business processes

Learning Objectives:

Learn why and how business processes should be prioritised.

Understand how business processes should not be prioritised.

Learn common methods used when prioritising business processes.

Learn how to prioritise processes using the hierarchical approach.

Understand the benefits of using the hierarchical approach.

View illustrated examples of how a hierarchical approach is used. 

Who is Suitable?

Knowledge of What is a Business Process would be advantageous.

As this is a data governance module the content is especially useful for data owners and stewards but would aalso be useful for a wide spectrum of data roles; including but not exclusive to data analysts, data modellers, data architects and data lineage analysts.


  • Why must business processes be prioritised?
  • Is creating a hierarchy and catalogues of processes the most effective way to prioritise processes?
  • What is meant by regulatory requirements asking for more granular data?
  • What is PEP screening?
  • Why are there limited funds to manage data?
  • How do you assess data’s suitability for investment?
  • What does “Data in isolation from context is difficult to assess and prioritise” mean?
  • What type of personal biases affect decisions on prioritising processes?


An Interactive Presentation

8 Videos

60+ Questions

10+ Interactive Questions

3 Final Practice Tests – 30 questions over 30 minutes

Final Examination – 60 questions over 30 minutes


DQRB Certificate

4 hours of learning materials to complete

Valid for 24 months.

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