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Processes & Procedures

The Processes and Procedures module looks at the documented overviews of operations undertaken by an organisation called processes and the more detailed descriptions of these overviews called procedures.

The module also explains what policies and standards are. Some of the benefits and issues of processes and procedures are also discussed.

Processes and Procedures

Learning Objectives:

Learn what a process is.

Learn what a procedure is.

Learn how processes and procedures are used in a business.

Understand what policies and standards are and how they relate to processes and procedures.

Learn who creates processes and procedures.

Understand some of the issues around processes.

Understand some of the issues around procedures.

Who is Suitable?

No prior knowledge is required so all Data Practitioners can undertake the course.

As this is a data improvement and maintenance module the content is especially useful for data analysts and business analysts but would also be a useful for a wide spectrum of data roles; including but not exclusive to data owners, data stewards, data modellers, data architects and data lineage analysts.


  • Why do organisations need processes and procedures?
  • Why do managers not want to delegate tasks to employees and how can procedures help them to do this?
  • How are policies and standards different from one another?
  • Who will document the processes and procedures of a firm?
  • What is a Client On-Boarding Process?
  • Can you explain ‘Know Your Customer’?


An Interactive Presentation

6 Videos

60+ Questions

10+ Interactive Questions

3 Final Practice Tests – 30 questions over 30 minutes

Final Examination – 60 questions over 30 minutes


 4 hours of learning materials to complete

Valid for 24 months.

Only £100.00 + VAT