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DQM Training Timeline

DQM Training is the custom-built training platform built by DQ rule books specifically to deliver data management training to users of all abilities. The training covers the key pillars needed for an in-depth understanding of data management such as data governance, data understanding, data quality assessment & control, data improvement & maintenance and data architecture & IT.

Scroll down below to see examples of the learning activities available on the DQM Training platform, and a timeline of events a usual user could undertake once signed up for our trainig.

Learning Exercises

1) Presentations

DQM Training deliver content in easily digestible presentations.

The presentations allow DQM Training users to easily digest the specific content they desire to learn.

Instead of other training sites which only offer learning through watching hours of endless videos, DQM Training offers users the ability to thoroughly learn all required areas with these presentations.

2) Videos

Along with a presentation, each module is accompanied with several data management videos that discuss in more depth the concepts that have been visited in the presentations.

The videos are presented by industry leading expert Wayne Wiggins, who has 20+ years’ experience in data management.

Additional Learning Resources

3) Community

The community features mean users can interact with other users to help gain valuable knowledge from each other and ask questions and receive feedback while progressing through the platform.

4) Live Classes

Users who feel that they still would want additional knowledge on the topic being covered, can arrange to attend a live class which will be focused on the areas they want to learn more about.

The classes are presented by industry leading expert Wayne Wiggins, who has 20+ years’ experience in data management.

Testing Exercises

5) Introductory Questions

Data Management Introductory Questions allow users to test their knowledge on content covered in each presentation. The questions consist of picking true or false statements around each topic.

6) Multiple Choice Questions

Each DQM Training module is accompanied with two sets of Data Management Multiple Choice questions. Multiple choice questions are designed to ensure users have thoroughly understood the topics covered in the presentations and videos.

7) Interactive Exercises

DQM Training’s Data Management Interactive Exercises give the users an opportunity to test the knowledge that they have learned in a more interactive way, in many cases using real world examples to cement their knowledge.


8) Practice Tests

Each module has a set of practice test questions, which contain a mix of questions from all the testing exercises listed above. The practice tests serve as a mock exam to get users ready for the certification exam.

9) Certification Exam

The exam allows users to gain CDMT certification once completed. Certification is a vital tool for job seekers and for employers seeking to hire qualified people.